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What kind of musical chemistry arises when an eclectic quintet invites one of Norway’s most experienced

and eminent guitarists, Nils-Olav Johansen? The answer is found in this album. 

'Live at Dokkhuset' is the new album of Norwegian saxophonist Cecilie Grundt, which releases 1 May on Grundt Records.

The album was recorded 29 March 2019 at Dokkhuset in Trondheim, and it contains six original compositions performed by Cecilie Grundt Quintet featuring jazz star Nils-Olav Johansen on guitar, banjo and vocal. 



Nils-Olav Johansen is considered a central figure in modern jazz and improvisational music in Norway.

He is one of the co-founders of the group Farmers Market, which incorporates elements from jazz, rock, pop, bluegrass, classical

- and most significantly - Bulgarian folk music.


The album begins with a majestic and playful song ‘Court Of The Lions’, continued by ‘I Won’t Forget’, which is inspired by modern American jazz. Next is the two-part suite ‘Contemporary Old School I-II’, followed by ‘Sjakka’, both of the songs are influenced by contemporary classical music. The album ends with ‘Blues’, a composition which draws inspiration from the blues, spirituals and gospel .


About the song 'Blues', Grundt says:  

«I have structured the form of the composition around 'call-and-response' so that it works similarly to a conversation. The conversation begins between the banjo and the horn players, gradually adding the piano, the bass, and the drums to join the conversation.»


Collectivism is a major part of the music on the album, but there is also a lot of space for individual statements.


Cecilie Grundt Quintet was established in 2016 at the Department of Music at NTNU in Trondheim.

The debut album Contemporary Old School was released in May 2019. The quintet has been touring in Europe and Norway,

developing an original sound as well as a strong communicative interplay through playfulness and curiosity.

Cecilie Grundt Quintet was invited to perform at the BMW Welt Jazz Award 2020 in Munich.



1 Court Of The Lions / I Won't Forget / Cecilie Grundt

2 Contemporary Old School Part I - II / Cecilie Grundt

3 Sjakka / Cecilie Grundt

4 Blues / Cecilie Grundt


Nils-Olav Johansen / guitar, banjo and vocal
Cecilie Grundt / tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone
Øyvind Frøberg Mathisen / trumpet
Håvard Aufles / piano
Morten Berger Stai / bass
Åsmund Mattias Smidt / drums


Recorded 29 March 2019 by Tor Breivik at Dokkhuset, Trondheim
Mixed and mastered by Sondre Christoffersen
Photography and cover design by Juliane Schütz
Produced by Cecilie Grundt
GRCD002 © ℗ 2024 Grundt Records


'Cecilie Grundt & Vigleik Storaas' is the debut album of Norwegian saxophonist Cecilie Grundt and the award-winning pianist Vigleik Storaas. The album was recorded at Øra Studio in February and released 21 October 2022 on Grundt Records, as the first release on this new label! The album consists of seven classic jazz songs.



Cecilie Grundt and Vigleik Storaas met at the Music Conservatory in Trondheim in 2015, and have since been collaborating in several projects, above all in Cecilie Grundt Quartet. The band released their critically acclaimed album ‘Order and Chaos’ in 2020, consisting of eight original compositions. On their new album, this duo go straight to the heart of the Great American Songbook and jazz standards, the common tongue of the jazz tradition. 


In their own words: “This album is unlike any other recording that we have done before because it is our first album consisting entirely of classic jazz songs. The album represents something that many people can relate to because it interprets familiar songs. Our main focus was to get the creative energy from spontaneous interplay, and for that reason some of the songs begin with a free-flow improvisation instead of the melody“.


1 Beatrice / Sam Rivers

2 Four / Miles Davis

3 Stella by Starlight / Victor Young

4 All The Things You Are / Jerome Kern

5 Rhythm-A-Ning / Thelonious Monk

6 Body and Soul / Johnny Green

7 Night and Day / Cole Porter


Recorded 12 February, 2022 by Jo Ranheim at Øra Studio, Trondheim
Mixed by Jo Ranheim at Øra Studio, Trondheim
Mastered by Jacob Schjødt Worm at Finland Studio, Aarhus
Artwork design by Nina Eide Holtan
Photography and video by Juliane Schütz
Produced by Cecilie Grundt
GRCD001 / GRLP001 © 2022 Grundt Records


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